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has ready made connectors to all relevant banks in the Central, Eastern and Southern Europe region, based on PSD2 account information and payment initiation APIs.
Any data or payment session is only initiated based on the data owner’s consent to the bank, but without capturing their bank login credentials.

Payment initiation solutions for your digital channels

One API for simplifying the way your customers pay your bills

Help your customers pay their debt quicker by sending them a link in the email notification

Collect payment details from your invoicing system
By integrating FinqOneAPI into your invoicing system, the creditor IBAN, the amount and the customer number or invoice reference can be captured from your invoices database and transferred into a pre-filled payment form.
Embed a link to a payment widget in your invoices
The user clicks on a link on its invoice, opens the payment form in a web browser and fills in the IBAN for the account from which he wants to pay. All the other bill details are already prefilled. The user no longer needs to look for customer id or invoice number. Finally, the user is redirected to its bank online page to log in and sign the payment.
Automatically reconcile the transactions
Not only do you offer your customers an enhanced bill payment experience, but also you get all your incoming payments automatically reconciled with your outgoing bills in your accounting.

One API for fast, cost effective account top-up

Help your customers port-in their salaries in your bank account or top-up their just-approved digital depozit.

Simply allow your customers to move money into their account through an easy bank transfer
By integrating FinqOneAPI into your digital wallet, your customers will enter the amount they want to top up and then they can choose the bank in which they have their current account. Through a redirect to the online bank app, they just approve the bank transfer for the top up.
Benefit from instant payments, card free
Your users’ top ups will be faster and the money allocated instantly from their bank account into their account they hold with you. No card is required, no processing fees or delays, you just need to be able to match users’ bank accounts with your own bank accounts.

One API for simple online payments

Help your customers pay their online order through a quick and simple bank transfer, avoiding card processing fees

Collect payment details from online shop order
By integrating FinqOneAPI into your online shop or loyalty app, the creditor IBAN and amount can be captured from your online orders database, once the user passes on to payment step
Redirect user to bank to sign the payment
The user will just enter their IBAN number and then go on to their bank online app page to log in and sign the payment
Confirm payment and release the order
FinqOne API reverts a payment processing confirmation to you, indicating the payment has been accepted by the bank, so that you can finalize the order
Simple to integrate, with one single API and friendly configuration portal
Regulation ready
Regulation ready
PSD2 compliant underlying ISO 20022 data set
Safe infrastructure
Safe infrastructure
Privacy first infrastructure, configurable security & privacy options
End to end integration with your front end experience